I'm Teacher Rita UA.

Teacher Rita UA

I live in northcentral Indiana with my 4 children (all young adults now). As a widow I am learning to live life without my husband after his death in 2020 due to ALS. I like to travel and cheer for my kids in their university sporting events.  I also tutor struggling readers and guide new teachers at the local university.  

I teach English classes with Blue Sky Education, and I love the flexibility that online teaching offers.  I enjoy reading books with my students.  Although we may live far apart, my students and I can still work one-on-one to improve their skills. 

I look forward to working with you! 

Class Prices:

  • 1-on-1 English Class–ESOL:  $22 (or 10 classes for $200) Includes: reading, grammar, conversation, and writing classes
1. Adhere to all Blue Sky Education Policies.
2. Communication: Please send a message through the Blue Sky website to Teacher Rita UA if your child cannot come to class within 2 hours of our class time. We can reschedule for another day and time with no financial penalty.
3. Student No-Show: If your child does not come to his or her class as scheduled, you will forfeit that class.
Exceptions can be made for emergencies. Please communicate with Teacher Rita as soon as you are able and we will work together to reschedule.
4. Late Students: Teacher Rita will stay in our classroom for the first 10 minutes of the class. If your student is not in the classroom at 10 minutes, Teacher Rita will leave the classroom. The class will not be refunded or rescheduled.
5. Teacher Rescheduling: If Teacher Rita is sick or has a family emergency, your class will be rescheduled. Teacher Rita will make every effort to communicate with you ahead of our scheduled
6. IT issues: If we experience technical difficulties that keep us from having class, we will reschedule your course. If we experience ongoing technical issues over several classes, we will work together to solve the problem to ensure your student has the best classroom experience possible!


"Thank you for having a wonderful class with Lucy. Thank you for sharing stories with your children. Thank you for your detailed feedback."
"Teacher Rita has always been the first choice for children in class, rich teaching experience, and can stimulate children's interest in learning. We are looking forward to every meeting."
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