Parent Information

Blue Sky Education believes in the power of relationship between its teachers and its families. Open communication leads to student success and parent satisfaction. Please review the resources below for information about Blue Sky Education and our process. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact your teacher directly or use the “help” button located on the bottom right of your screen. You can also email Blue Sky Education directly at

How to Book Classes with Blue Sky Education/如何在蓝天教育预订课程

If you already have a teacher, you can find them by entering their name in the Search bar in the upper left corner of our website. If you want to view information about all available teachers, click on the “Find My Teacher” tab in the menu to view the teacher profile directory. After you find the teacher you want to book with, just click on their “Book Classes Now” button or scroll to the bottom of their page to view their calendar.

如果你已经有了一个老师,你可以在我们网站左上角的搜索栏中输入他们的名字,找到他们。如果你想查看所有可用教师的信息,请点击菜单中的 “寻找我的老师 “标签,查看教师资料目录。当你找到你想预约的老师后,只需点击他们的 “立即预约课程 “按钮或滚动到他们的页面底部查看他们的日历。

Once you have chosen a date and time for your class, you’ll go to the checkout screen. There, you have the option of buying just one class or you can save money by purchasing multiple classes together in a class package.