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Our Teachers Make the Difference!

Teaching online allows me to form unique, lasting relationships with students and their families. I have students who have been with me for seven years now. What a joy and an honor to walk alongside their families as these children continue to learn and grow!
Kate C
Blue Sky Education Teacher
Blue Sky Education allows me to work directly with each parent to determine the best curriculum and teaching methods for their child. I can pace each lesson to ensure that the student is truly learning the material that is being taught. Blue Sky gives me the freedom as a teacher to teach for mastery not just lesson completion.
Teacher Kimberly KF
Kimberly AF
Blue Sky Education Teacher
Teaching online has given me the flexibility of teaching students around my own schedule. Blue Sky Education gives me the opportunity to make curriculum decisions for my students and communicate directly with the parents. Whether you just need to utilize our booking and payment services, or if you need to access the curriculum and Journeys resources, Blue Sky Education can help make teaching online work for you.
Teacher Janice
Blue Sky Education Teacher

Why Teach with Blue Sky Education?

Teachers are the Heart of Everything We Do

We build connections daily, we teach, we learn, we explore, and we play! We value the connections that students, families, and teachers make in the classroom!

Unlock the Full Potential of Each Student

We emphasize students choosing the same teacher over and over again. This encourages our students to build on past success in each class!

Blue Sky Education Teachers are Independent Contractors

Blue Sky Education teachers are 100% independent contractors. You have the flexibility to control the pacing of each lesson, allowing students to truly master the skills you are teaching!

Freedom to Work from Anywhere

Our students and teachers are free to teach and learn from anywhere in the world! As a Blue Sky Education Teacher, you also have the freedom to create your own courses - anything from piano lessons to science experiments to ESL!

You Control Your Schedule

As an independent contractor with Blue Sky Education, you are free to set your own schedule. Whether you are looking to earn some extra money, or want to create a robust business that allows you to work from home -- you are in control!