Teacher Janet L

Hello! My name is Janet Lashbrook. I am a graduate of Cumberland College. My degree is in Elementary Education with a special emphasis in Special Education. I also have taken classes and received an ESOL endorsement on my Educator’s Certificate. I have taught students in Kindergarten through Fifth grade. I taught K-5 for two years and K-2 for 11 years. I am currently teaching my own children ages 8 and 12. I am very excited to be tutoring through Blue Sky. I enjoy working with children and helping them reach for their dreams through their education. I believe every child should be valued and treated with respect. My husband and I love spending time together with our children. My hobbies include swimming, reading and photography. I look forward to working with your family!

All classes are 28 minutes in length.

  • 10 classes = $240
  • 20 classes = $440
  • 30 classes = $600

Individual classes are also available for $25 each.

I believe it’s important to share my expectations up front to avoid confusion or miscommunication. However, I’m always available to speak with parents if they have questions.

  • Adhere to all Blue Sky Education policies.
  • Communication: Please send a message through the Blue Sky website to Teacher Janet L if your child cannot come to class within 2 hours of our class time. We can reschedule for another day and time with no financial penalty.

  • Student No-Show: If your child does not come to his or her class as scheduled, you will forfeit that class. Exceptions can be made for emergencies. Please communicate with Teacher Janet L as soon as you are able and we will work together to reschedule.

  • Late Students: Teacher Janet L will stay in our classroom for the first 10 minutes of the class. If your student is not in the classroom at 10 minutes, Teacher Janet L  will leave  the  classroom. The class will not be refunded or rescheduled.

  • Teacher Rescheduling: If Teacher Janet L is sick or has a family emergency, your class will be rescheduled.Teacher Janet L will make every effort to communicate with you ahead of our scheduled class.

  • IT issues:  If we experience technical difficulties that keep us from having class, we will reschedule your course. If we experience  ongoing technical issues over several  classes, we will work together to solve the  problem to ensure your student has the best classroom experience possible!

Parent/Student Testimonials

The teacher is very patient, explains carefully, corrects children's pronunciation carefully, is good at interacting with children, and has rich experience.
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Michael's Mom
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