I'm Teacher Debbie TB.

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Teacher Debbie TB

I am happy to meet you!  I live in America and am a Native English Language Speaker.  I am looking forward to helping your Student learn English, while building their skills and confidence in a fun and encouraging classroom.  

I have taught children of all ages and learning levels, for 21 years, in many different subjects.  For 19 years, I taught full-time in award-winning, public and private schools in New York and Georgia. Two years ago, I discovered online teaching.  It has been my dream to tutor children, one-on-one and to learn about their culture, through their eyes! 

我很高兴见到你!  我住在美国,是一名英语母语者。 我期待着帮助您的学生学习英语,同时在一个充满乐趣和鼓励的课堂上培养他们的技能和信心。  

21年来,我一直在教各种年龄和学习水平的儿童,涉及许多不同的科目。  19年来,我在纽约和乔治亚州的获奖公立和私立学校全职教学。两年前,我发现了网上教学。  我一直梦想着能一对一地辅导孩子,并通过他们的眼睛了解他们的文化。 

I specialize in teaching young Students to read, write and speak English,
with American-style pronunciation and expression.  

Education / Licensing / Experience

Pricing for English Language Classes

  • FREE First Lesson includes placement assessment, lesson preview and learn software controls.  
  • (1),    25 minute lesson.           $21 US 
  • (5),   25 minute lessons        $100 US
  • (10),  25 minute lessons.       $190 US 
  • (20), 25 minute lessons.       $360 US 

How Parents Describe My Skills, Strengths & Personality

  • “Friendly”
  • “Great Extension”
  • “Consistent Corrections”
  • “Student Encouragement”
  • “TPR – body language and fascial expression”
  • “Classroom environment”
  • “Pronunciation”

Please join me on WeChat!

WeChat ID: wxid_9a8uOi5dboox12

Contact Teacher Debbie:

  • Email: debbrown2@gmail.com
  • WeChat: wxid_9a8uOi5dboox12

 Parent Policies

Please adhere to all Blue Sky Education Policies.

Communication: If your child cannot attend class within 12 hours of their scheduled class, please send a message to Teacher Debbie, through the Blue Sky Education website. We can reschedule your class for a different day and time, with no financial penalty.

Student No-Show: If your student does not arrive in class within the first 10 minutes, you will forfeit that class. Exceptions can be made for infrequent
Please communicate with Teacher Debbie, as soon as possible, to reschedule.

Late Students: Teacher Debbie will wait in our classroom for the first 10 minutes of class. After 10 minutes, Teacher Debbie will leave the classroom. The class will not be refunded or rescheduled.

Teacher Rescheduling: If Teacher Debbie is sick or has a family emergency, your class will be rescheduled. Teacher Debbie will make every effort to communicate with you, ahead of the scheduled class.

Internet and Computer Problems: If the student or teacher experiences technical difficulties that prevent us from having class, we will reschedule your class. If we experience ongoing technical issues over several classes, we will work together to solve the problem. Our goal is for your student to experience learning in a fun, high quality, and distraction-free environment!

Contact Teacher Debbie TB:

  • Email: debbrown2@gmail.com
  • WeChat: wxid_9a8uOi5dboox12



沟通。 如果您的孩子在预定课程的12小时内不能上课,请通过蓝天教育网 站给黛比老师发信息。 我们可以将您的课程重新安排在不同的日期和时间, 而且不会有经济损失。

学生没来上课。 如果你的学生没有在前10分钟内到达教室,你将放弃这节 课。 对于不常见的紧急情况,可以有例外情况。 请尽快与黛比老师沟通, 重新安排时间。

迟到的学生。 黛比老师会在教室里等待上课的前10分钟。 10分钟后, Debbie老师将离开教室。 该课程将不会被退还或重新安排。

教师改期。 如果黛比老师生病或有家庭紧急情况,您的课程将被重新安排。 黛比老师将尽一切努力与您沟通,在预定的课程之前。

互联网和计算机问题。 如果学生或老师遇到技术困难,导致我们无法上课, 我们将重新安排你的课程。 如果我们在几节课上遇到持续的技术问题,我们 将共同解决这个问题。我们的目标是让您的学生在一个有趣的、高质量的、 没有干扰的环境中体验学习的乐趣

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