I'm Teacher Amy AE.

I am from Pennsylvania. I have been a teacher for over fifteen years. I am a certified early childhood and elementary education teacher. I have a Master’s of Education degree with a reading specialist certification. I also have a TESOL certificate. I have degrees in psychology, history, biology, and political science. I have taught over 25, 000 English classes online. I also teach reading, social studies, and science classes.  I love to volunteer at the library and museum in my spare time. 

I teach English and novel studies on Blue Sky Education. I also offer homework help, and I am available to teach history and science classes by request. I love teaching online and helping students around the world learn new skills.  

I look forward to having classes with you!

Class Prices:

  • 1-on-1 English Class–ESOL:  $20 
  • Book Club: $20
  • 1-on-1 Reading Classes–Reading Specialist: $20
  • Homework Help: $20
  • Science and History Classes: $20

A minimum of 5 classes must be purchased at a time.

  1. Adhere to all Blue Sky Education Policies.
  2.  Communication: Please send a message to Teacher Amy  within if your child cannot come to class within 2 hours of our scheduled class time. We can reschedule for another day or time if I receive the message prior to 2 hours before class is to begin. 
  3. Student-No-Show – If your child does not come to his or her class as scheduled, you will forfeit that class. Exceptions can be made for emergencies. Please communicate with Teacher Amy as soon as possible and we will work to reschedule. 
  4. Teacher Rescheduling: If Teacher Amy has an emergency or is sick, your class will be rescheduled. Teacher Amy will make every effort to communicate with you before class. 
  5. IT issues – If we have any major technical issues during class during class, we will reschedule the class. If we experience any ongoing technical issues, we will work together to solve them so that your child can student has the best experience possible. 

Wichita: A Rich Tapestry on the Plains

Known as the “Air Capitol of the World” due to its major contributions to the global aviation industry in the 1920’s, Wichita remains dynamic and happening.  As the largest city in Kansas and 50th largest city in the U.S., the Wichita metro area and its neighboring districts provide a unique combination of green space, urban cultural experiences, eclectic eateries, and a variety of entertainment options.

Science and Culture and Nature…Oh My!

Downtown Wichita offers both business and pleasure, with stately office buildings scattered amongst the colorful art galleries, unique shops, and engaging museums. Just one example is the Kansas Aviation Museum, which allows visitors to step back in time to witness the many innovations which made today’s technologies possible. Also found in the WaterWalk area, The Exploration Place Museum and Science Centre offers hands-on science, local history, and interactive exhibits for all ages. When the sun goes down, Central Business District heats up with live music, night clubs, comedy venues, and concerts throughout the year. Feeling hungry? Options abound, with food trucks, casual eateries, and fine dining choices galore.

Although Wichita is a thriving metropolis, its residents know how to embrace the great outdoors. The Arkansas River Trail, a well-maintained path several miles long, lets locals and visitors alike explore nature while taking in many of the area’s cultural and historic sites. A stunning suspension bridge allows for strolling along the river, and nightly fire shows around the base of The Keeper of the Plains, a 44’ tall steel Native American statue, light up the sky. 

Whether you’re looking for art, museums, nature, nightlife, or a combination of them all, Wichita should be your next vacation destination!


My 11year old daughter really enjoyed this class. She described the teacher as awesome.
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