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Class Prices: 

Single-event coaching and proofreading: $24 per 25 minute session. Contact me for pricing of longer meeting times.

10 classes    $230

20 classes    $410

30 classes    $600

English language learners: I offer ESL training only for upper level students and adults. I also offer proofreading of English-language assignments, presentation coaching, and other adult-level English language tutoring.

Native English speakers: I offer proofreading of English-language assignments, presentation coaching, and other high school and adult-level English language tutoring. I can help you improve your reading comprehension, complete assignments, or study for upcoming assessments.


25+ years in person and online teaching, K-12th grades

Master’s degree in education

TEFL certification

ESL Experience:

VipKid levels 1-8 plus supplementary courses

GoGoKid levels 1-4 plus supplementary courses

Zebra, QKids, and Magic Ears

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