Teacher Paulette

Hi! I'm Teacher PauletteQ.

My name is Paulette, but at Blue Sky I go by the name Teacher PauletteQ. I am a jack of many trades, but teaching is my main focus. I began my teaching journey at Lamar University, one of the top schools in the U.S. for Deaf Education, I received a Bachelor of Science in Theater Ed with an unofficial minor in Deaf Ed & Special Ed. This degree included formal training in all levels of education. After graduation, I went into Deaf Catholic Ministry instead of becoming a “brick and mortar” classroom teacher. One of my duties there was teaching Catholic catechism to the Deaf kids in the ministry. I also chose to homeschool my own children, which gave me insight into another level of education. 

While serving as Assistant Director & Instructor at S.T.A.G.E. Performing Arts School for several years, I got to practice another of my passions–theater. I returned to more traditional education as an American Sign Language (ASL) instructor at a Catholic high school for several years before teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) to kids in China through an online platform called a VIPkid. The profile pic that you see are from my VIPkid classroom and VIPkid profile page.

I am excited to now teach a greater variety of subjects as well as be a tutor & acting coach through Blue Sky Education. My teaching style is very flexible and friendly. I’m also very student-centered and allow the student to go where he or she needs to go. This especially works out great for my acting class and my ESL tutor for the Deaf/HH (or deaf/hh) individuals. I am open to teaching kids of different ages as well as adults who want to improve themselves. 

To be sure that you are satisfied with my ability to teach you, I offer a coupon for one free trial class with every first time student/first time category. Also, I am flexible with my hours, so if 6 am to 9 am Monday through Friday doesn’t work for you, we can discuss a time that will work for both of us & I will open that time just for you. Any questions that this Profile Page does not answer as it pertains to me & my classes, maybe sent to my email at . Please put, “Questions about Blue Sky classes,” in the subject line.

Thank you very much. Have a blessed day. I hope to see you in my classroom.

Paulette/Teacher PauletteQ


   Class Prices & Description with Key:


ESL Classes:

  • Blue sky ESL* – $20/per class

Speciality Classes:

  • Blue Sky ESL* with ASL@ Vocabulary words option^ – $24/per class
  • ASL@ and Deaf Culture – $24/class (Text book required. Learning American Sign Language by Humphries & Padden)
  • Acting coach` – $24/class

Tutoring Classes:

  • ESL* tutor% for the Deaf/HH (Signers)# – $18/class
  • ESL* tutor% for the deaf/hh   (Non-signers)~  – $18/class


*(ESL) English as a Second Language

@(ASL) American Sign Language

^(ASL Vocabulary words option) This is NOT an ASL class and will include no ASL grammatical structure. This is an ESL class where you pay a little bit more for me to also teach you the ASL signs/words for the lesson’s vocabulary words where applicable.

`(Acting coach) This is a student lead coaching class for acting. Student must bring his/her own monologue or script to the class and I will serve as an acting coach to to help him or her improve their character/acting for their monologue or part.

%(ESL tutor) This is NOT a speech class or speech therapy. This is a class for improving standard WRITTEN English. This class can be used to improve written English as communication strategy with a hearing person or it may be used as a tutoring class for a Deaf/HH or deaf/hh (non-signing) student who is struggling in his or her English class because English is a second language or an unnatural language to the deaf brain. It is a student lead TUTORING class and therefore the student must come to the class with the questions, paper, assignment, or graded assignment/quiz/test that has/is confusing them to re-learn, correct, or deepen his or her understanding of proper written English grammar, structure, punctuation and other facets of written English.

#(Deaf/HH) Mode of communication for these classes will be ASL/signing.

~(deaf/hh) Mode of communication for his classes will be non-signing but possibly gesturing and other visual cues to assist in communication with the student.


  • Students and parents (if student is minor) must agree to all of Teacher PauletteQ policies.
  • Sending payment and scheduling of classes constitutes an agreement to all of said policies.

Payment, Rescheduling, & Forfeiting Payment:

  • Payment for incremental packages must be received before scheduling classes.
  • If a student/parent becomes aware of the fact that they cannot make it to a scheduled class, the student/parent must contact Teacher PauletteQ as soon as possible and inform her that they will not be able to make it to class. In the event that it was a just cause such as, but not limited to, sickness, death of a loved one, an unforeseen scheduling conflict or some other just cause, the class will be rescheduled without forfeiting financial payment. In the event that it is NOT just cause it will still be rescheduled without penalty because there was prior notice. HOWEVER, if this should happen a total of three times without just cause, the third class and remaining classes that are canceled without just cause will be financially forfeited and counted as a class & not be rescheduled. This is due to a repeated lack of just cause cancelation with reschedules.
  • In the event that Teacher PauletteQ cannot make it to class, I will contact the student/parent ASAP and offer to reschedule it.
  • In the event that Teacher PauletteQ shows up for class and the student never shows up, (aka a student no-show/SNS) teacher will make a reasonable effort to contact the paying party if they do not contact Teacher PauletteQ first. If it is found that there was just cause for the SNS, such as, but not limit to, sickness, death of a loved one, an unforeseen scheduling conflict, power outage, or natural disaster, the class will be rescheduled without penalty. If it is found that there was NOT just cause the full price of the class will be forfeited and count as a class & not be rescheduled.
  • In the event that a SNS happened 2 times in the 5 class package, or 3 times in the 10 or the 20 class package WITHOUT just cause, Teacher PauletteQ reserves the right to cancel the entire package with full financial penalty and student will forfeit the entire remainder of class prices and/or be barred from taking future classes.
  • In the event that a SNS happens 2 times in the 5 class package, or 3 times in the 10 or the 20 class package with just cause Teacher PauletteQ reserves the right to cancel the entire package with a 20% financial penalty fee of the remaining class prices. This is due to nonrefundable fees already paid by Teacher PauletteQ. The remaining 80% of the not yet taken classes, will be refunded due to there being just causes for the SNS. In the event that Teacher PauletteQ does hold this reservation & cancel the remaining classes & refunds the 80%. The student is welcome & encouraged to take future classes once the cause have been resolved and will be comped 1 free class with a new incremental package because of prior 20% financial penalty fee that had to be charged.
  • In the event that Teacher PauletteQ does not show up for class for a scheduled class in which the student showed up for, (also known as a teacher no-show/TNS) Teacher Paulette Q will reschedule the class upon the request of paying party. If the TNS was due to just cause, no additional classes will be given other than the reschedule. If the TNS was due to an unjust cause such as forgetfulness or oversleeping, Teacher PauletteQ will reschedule the class and provide an additional free class for the inconvenience.
  • In the event that there is a power outage or natural disaster for teacher or student resulting in a no-show or a necessary cancellation, the class will be rescheduled without penalty. However, in the case of multiple SNS, teacher reserves the right to request proof of power outage or natural disaster that caused the no-show. If requested & proof is not provided, the class is forfeited and counted as a class and may not be rescheduled. The remainder of the classes in the increment package may continue as planned unless compounded by multiple SNS that fall into another category listed in these policies.
  • In the event of tech problems during class that affected the students learning significantly, if requested by the paying party, the class may be rescheduled without penalty. However the teacher reserves the right to deem that sufficient learning took place during the class. In that case, the class may not be rescheduled.
  • In the event that the teacher or student is late (tardiness), the class may be rescheduled based on just or unjust cause.
  • In the case of multiple or excessive tardiness, forfeit of payment & class may occur based on just or unjust cause as well as forfeiting of package & barring of student from future classes. — This will only happen in extreme cases.

Classroom Rules & Consequences:

  • In class, students will practice appropriate behavior. This includes but is not limited to focusing on the lesson, using courteous and friendly speech.
  • No inappropriate behavior in class. This includes but is not limited to: purposely ignoring the teacher, being rude to the teacher, refusing to answer questions, cursing or inappropriate language, trying to flirting with the teacher or something of a inappropriate relationship directed at the teacher. Inappropriate behavior in class may be subject to the canceling of the remainder of the class and financially forfeiting the price of that class. The class will not be subject to rescheduling in this event.
  • Grossly inappropriate behavior may result in a financial penalty including the possibility of forfeiting all remaining classes and prices and barring student from taking any future classes from Teacher PauletteQ. The latter penalties would only happen in extreme circumstances.
  • Food drinks and pets are allowed in the classroom provided they do NOT provide a distraction or affect student’s output or learning negativity.

一般的: • 学生和家长(如果学生是未成年人)必须同意 PauletteQ 教师的所有政策。 • 付款和课程安排构成对所有上述政策的同意。 付款、重新安排和没收付款: • 必须在安排课程之前收到增量包的付款。 • 如果学生/家长意识到他们无法按时上课,学生/家长必须尽快联系 PauletteQ 老师并通知她他们将无法上课。如果是正当理由,例如但不限于生病、亲人去世、不可预见的日程安排冲突或其他正当理由,课程将重新安排,而不会丧失财务费用。如果这不仅仅是因为它仍然会被重新安排而不会因为有事先通知而受到惩罚。但是,如果这种情况在无正当理由的情况下总共发生 3 次,则第三节课和剩余的无正当理由取消的课程将被没收并计为一堂课而不会重新安排。这是由于重新安排时反复缺乏正当理由取消。 • 如果PauletteQ 老师无法上课,我会尽快联系学生/家长并提出重新安排时间。 • 如果PauletteQ 老师出现在课堂上而学生从未出现,(又名学生未出现/SNS)老师将尽合理努力联系付款方,前提是他们没有先联系PauletteQ 老师。如果发现 SNS 有正当原因,例如但不限于疾病、亲人死亡、不可预见的调度冲突、停电或自然灾害,将重新安排课程,而不会受到处罚。如果发现并非只是原因,则该课程的全价将被没收并计为一堂课而不会重新安排。 • 如果 SNS 在 10 次增量套餐中发生 5 次而没有正当理由,PauletteQ 老师保留取消整个套餐的权利,并处以全额罚款,学生将没收剩余的全部课程费用和/或被禁止参加参加未来的课程。 • 如果SNS 在10 次增量套餐中发生5 次且有正当理由,PauletteQ 老师保留取消整个套餐的权利,并收取剩余班级价格的20% 的经济罚款。这是因为 PauletteQ 老师已经支付了不可退还的费用。剩下的80%未上过的课,将因SNS正当理由而退还。如果 PauletteQ 老师确实保留此预订并取消剩余课程并退还 80%。欢迎并鼓励学生在原因得到解决后参加未来的课程,并且由于之前必须收取 20% 的经济罚款,因此将用新的增量套餐补上 1 节免费课程。 • 如果 SNS 在第 5 个学生/科目增量套餐中无正当理由发生 3 次,PauletteQ 老师保留取消整个套餐的权利,并处以全额罚款,学生将没收全部剩余课程价格和/或被禁止参加未来的课程。

• 如果SNS 在5 增量套餐中发生3 次且有正当理由,PauletteQ 老师保留取消整个套餐的权利,并收取剩余班级价格的20% 的经济罚款。这是因为 PauletteQ 老师已经支付了不可退还的费用。剩下的80%未上过的课,将因SNS正当理由而退还。如果 PauletteQ 老师确实保留此预订并取消剩余课程并退还 80%。欢迎并鼓励学生在原因得到解决后参加未来的课程,并且由于之前必须收取 20% 的经济罚款,因此将用新的增量套餐补上 1 节免费课程。 • 如果 PauletteQ 老师没有出现在学生参加的预定课程的课堂上,(也称为教师缺席/TNS)Paulette Q 老师将应付款方的要求重新安排课程.如果 TNS 是由于正当原因,除了重新安排之外,不会提供额外的课程。如果TNS是由于健忘或睡过头等不正当原因造成的,PauletteQ老师将重新安排上课时间,并为不便提供额外的免费课程。 • 如果教师或学生因停电或自然灾害导致缺席或必要取消,课程将重新安排,而不会受到处罚。但是,在多个SNS的情况下,教师保留要求提供导致缺席的停电或自然灾害证明的权利。如果未提供要求和证明,该课程将被没收并计为一个课程,不得重新安排。增量包中的其余类可能会按计划继续,除非由多个 SNS 组成,这些 SNS 属于这些策略中列出的另一个类别。 • 如果上课期间出现技术问题严重影响学生学习,如果付费方要求,可以重新安排上课时间,而不会受到处罚。然而,教师保留认为在课堂上进行了充分学习的权利。在这种情况下,课程可能不会重新安排。 • 如果老师或学生迟到(迟到),可能会根据正当或不正当的原因重新安排课程。 • 在多次或过度迟到的情况下,可能会因正当或不正当原因而被没收付款和上课,以及没收包裹和禁止学生继续上课。 ——这只会发生在极端情况下。 课堂规则和后果: • 在课堂上,学生将练习适当的行为。这包括但不限于专注于课程,使用礼貌和友好的演讲。 • 课堂上没有不当行为。这包括但不限于:故意无视老师、对老师无礼、拒绝回答问题、咒骂或使用不当语言、试图与老师调情或针对老师的不当关系。课堂上的不当行为可能会被取消该课程的其余部分并在经济上没收该课程的费用。课程将不会在此事件中重新安排。

• 严重不当的行为可能会导致经济处罚,包括可能会被没收所有剩余课程和价格,并禁止学生从 PauletteQ 老师的任何未来课程中学习。 后一种处罚只会在极端情况下发生。 • 食品饮料和宠物允许进入教室,前提是它们不会分散注意力或影响学生的输出或学习消极情绪。


“The Fine Print” About the Classes:

  • All classes are sold in increment packages of 1, 5, 10, or 20.
  • First time students/category (ESL category, Specialty classes category, or Tutor classes category) may opt to buy one free trial class with the use of the coupon code TeacherPauletteQ.
  • All classes are taught 1 on 1 so you get the best student to teacher/tutor/coach ratio!
  • All tutor and coaching classes are 100% student lead and not a curriculum class. Therefore, the student must bring the assignment, paper, quiz, test, lesson questions, monologue, script… that they need or want help with. Failure to bring it, will mean forfeiting the price of the class or the class time spend finding/getting the assignment that the student wants to work on.
  • However, in the case of adult Deaf/HH (and deaf/hh non-signers) students for the ESL tutor classes  where the adult wants to improve their written English for communication purposes, if the adult does not has specific questions or a known weakness, I can  assess the current ability & make lessons around the assessment results. In this case, there there will be NO forefeiting the price for the adult student not coming prepared with questions for a topic.
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