All about Me:

  • Native English Speaker
  • Neutral Accent
  • TESOL Certified
  • Bachelor’s degree holder
  • Qkids Certified in Phonics
Teacher Lizzie DL - Making jewelry for my business Essentials n' Thyme
Hobby - making jewelry
Teacher Lizzie DL - Necklaces for Essentials n' Thyme
Some necklaces I created!
Teacher Lizzie DL - Rogue River Artisans Art & Craft Show for business Essentials n' Thyme
At a craft show to sell my creations

Hello! My name is Teacher Lizzie.
I am so happy to meet you!

I am 37 years old and live near Grand Rapids, Michigan, America with many awesome stuffed animals, toys and books! In my free time, I like to make jewelry and go hiking in the woods. Some pictures of my jewelry hobby that I turned into a business called “Essentials n’ Thyme” are on the left.

Since April of 2020, I have been truly honored and delighted to have taught ESL and phonics to over 2,000 children in 9,000 different classes online at Qkids. In total, I have five years of experience tutoring and teaching children ages 3-13 in the classroom and online.

I really love teaching ESL as well as phonics! Phonics is a very important part of any child’s education and should be the first step in your child’s English learning experience. Please see more information below about why your child should take phonics.

The parents of my students have described me as being kind, patient and encouraging; yet I am also engaging and energetic. In addition, I do love to have fun with my students when it’s called for! 😉 I always strive to meet each of my student’s individual needs and will tailor my lessons accordingly. My goal while teaching is to make learning a stimulating and enjoyable educational experience. I hope my students come to LOVE reading, writing and speaking English as much as I do!

I am so excited to be your family’s learning partner and I look forward to seeing you soon in my online classroom!

Important Details:

Teacher Lizzie's Class Offerings and Prices:

  • Blue Sky Education’s Curriculum Journeys from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • Phonics Levels 1 and 2
  • Book reading for children
  • 1 class = $25
  • 5 classes = $120
  • 10 classes = $230
  • 20 classes = $440
  • 30 classes = $630

Free classes are included in packages. Each successful referral will earn one free class!

Why Should My Child Take Phonics?

My Qkids Phonics Certificate. I am certified in Phonics Levels 1 and 2.

Experts and many international studies agree that phonics is a VERY important part of a child’s education in that this course of learning embraces recognizing and speaking the 26 English letters and their associated sounds (Level 1); as well as the combinations of various letters and their associated sounds (Level 2). If the child is to learn to speak, read, spell and write English really well, they should go through phonics first!

A teacher who is certified, trained and experienced in teaching phonics will more effectively teach your child letter sounds, letter combinations, words and how to read dramatically better than students who have not taken phonics. Phonics also prepares your child for ESL classes! When a child who has taken phonics starts ESL classes, they will have a big advantage over the students who did not take phonics. My mom taught me phonics as a six-year old and it has served me very well throughout my life. In fact, my English test levels went from 1st grade to 7th grade when I took phonics. The rest of my class stayed at grade 1…

Please see my phonics certificate from Qkids (above) and some testimonials for phonics from parents at Qkids (below).

I highly encourage all parents to enroll their child in phonics BEFORE ESL classes. You and your student will be glad you did!

Level 1 Phonics Parent Feedback
Level 1 Phonics Parent Feedback
Level 2 Phonics Parent Feedback
Level 2 Phonics Parent Feedback


ESL Level 1 Parent Feedback
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