I'm Teacher Kristin GB.

Teacher Kristin GB
Hello!  My name is Kristin.  I live in southern Colorado on a small ranch with my husband and three children where we enjoy animals, gardening, and self sufficiency in a very challenging climate.
Prior to having children and focusing on their education, I was a licensed Science and Health Teacher in Oregon.  To obtain licensure, I earned a Masters of Arts in Teaching degree from Western Oregon University in Middle and Secondary Education.  
I am a details person. While teaching English, I focus on sentence structure and pronunciation. I feel that it is easier to communicate when we speak in a manner that the other person can understand. I am able to easily adjust my teaching speed and methods to meet the needs of each learner so that they may learn to communicate in English. I cant wait to meet your child!

Class Prices:

  • 1-on-1 English Tutoring – ESOL:  $22, Packages Available 
  • Live Small Group Science Classes – $22/group
  • At Your Pace Speciality Classes – Varies

1.  Adhere to all Blue Sky Education Policies.

2.  Communication:  Use the Blue Sky website to communicate with Teacher Kristin.  Please notify Teacher Kristin when your child cannot attend class and you need to reschedule at least 12hrs in advance.  There is no financial penalty for rescheduling.  

3.  Tardy or Absent Students:  Teacher Kristin will stay in the classroom for 10 minutes after the scheduled start time.  If your child does not attend class as scheduled, the class is forfeited.  Exceptions made for emergency situations.  Please contact Teacher Kristin.

4.  Teacher Rescheduling:  In the event that Teacher Kristin is sick or has a family emergency, your class will be rescheduled.  Teacher Kristin will make every effort to communicate 12hrs in advance should this occur.

5.  IT Issues:  Occasional technical difficulties are expected and may cause a class to be rescheduled.  In the event of ongoing technical difficulties, we will work together to solve the problem, ensuring your child has the best classroom experience possible.

1.  遵守所有蓝天教育政策。

2.  沟通。 使用蓝天网站与克里斯汀老师沟通。 当你的孩子不能上课时,请至少提前12小时通知克里斯汀老师,你需要重新安排。 重新安排时间不会有任何经济损失。 

3.  迟到或缺席的学生。 Kristin老师会在预定的上课时间后在教室里呆10分钟。 如果你的孩子没有按计划上课,那么这节课将被取消。 紧急情况下的例外情况。 请联系Kristin老师。

4.  教师重新安排。 如果Kristin老师生病或有家庭紧急情况,你的课程将被重新安排。 如果发生这种情况,Kristin老师会尽一切努力提前12小时通知。

5.  信息技术问题。 偶尔的技术困难是可以预见的,并可能导致课程重新安排。 如果出现持续的技术困难,我们将共同解决这个问题,确保你的孩子有最好的课堂体验。

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