Teacher Kacie

Hello! I’m Teacher Kacie, and I teach English (ESOL) classes with Blue Sky Education. I love teaching online! I get to work with students from all over the world! I believe the one-on-one classes and personal attention that I can give to my students creates the very best learning environment.

Here is a little about me: I live in Tennessee with my husband, daughter, our two cats, and a rabbit. We love animals! In my spare time, I love to spend time with family, craft, play games, and spend time outdoors.

All classes are 25 minutes in length.

  • 5 Classes = $115
  • 10 Classes = $220
  • 20 Classes = $420

The classroom policies and procedures are as follows. Please adhere to all Blue Sky Education Policies.

Communication:  If your child cannot attend class within 24 hours of their scheduled class, please send a message to Teacher Kacie through the Blue Sky Education website. We can reschedule your class for a different day and time with no financial penalty.

Student No-Show:  If your student does not arrive in class within the first 10 minutes, you will forfeit that class. Exceptions can be made for infrequent emergencies. Please communicate with Teacher Kacie, as soon as possible, to reschedule.

Late Students:  Teacher Kacie will wait in the classroom for the first 10 minutes of the scheduled class time. After 10 minutes, Teacher Kacie will leave the classroom. The class will not be refunded or rescheduled.

Teacher Rescheduling:  If Teacher Kacie is sick or has a family emergency, your class will be rescheduled. Teacher Kacie will make every effort to communicate with you, ahead of the scheduled class.

Internet and Computer Problems:  If the student or Teacher Kacie experiences technical difficulties that prevent us from having class, we will reschedule your class. If we experience ongoing technical issues over several classes, we will work together to solve the problem. Our goal is for the student to experience learning in a fun, high quality, and distraction-free environment!

务必遵守Blue Sky Education (蓝天教育) 的所有规章制度。

关于沟通: 如果学员需要请假,请在课程开始之前至少提前24个小时通过Blue Sky网站发信息告知Kacie老师. 我们可以重新约上课的日期和时间,您不会损失课时费。

关于学员旷课: 如果您的孩子没有在课上出现,您将损失该次课的费用,除非是有不可避免地紧急情况。如果有急特殊的紧急情况,请您务必尽可能第一时间和Kacie老师进行沟通,这样我们可以一起尽早安排重新上课的时间。

关于上课迟到: 如果学员迟到,Kacie老师仅会在课堂上等待10分钟。如果学员在这10分钟内仍没有出现在课堂上,Kacie老师将离开教室。该次课费用将不会被退,也无法重新约上课时间。

关于老师更改上课时间: 如果Kacie老师生病或家里有急事,该次课将可以重新约上课时间。Kacie老师会尽最大努力在上课前尽早提前通知家长进行安排。

关于IT技术问题: 如果在课堂上遇到不能解决的技术故障问题导致课程无法进行,我们可以重新约上课时间。如果我们在几次课上连续出现技术故障以致于课程不能正常进行,我们可以一起努力解决问题,从而确保学员能最大可能地获得最佳的上课体验!

Parent/Student Testimonials

"Children's favorite English teacher! Very kind, patient, and willing to interact with children."
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