I'm Teacher Christiane

Teacher Christiane

I love teaching, writing, cooking and baking. The end of my five years with VIPKID was one of the saddest times of my life! I miss my students and hope that I’m entering a new era of teaching! I can offer individualized one on one, classes if requested, and soon cooking and baking classes for adults. My bio is written in third person. I may change that eventually, but for now, I just pasted it in here: 


Christiane Marshall is a teacher, writer and editor. She started her writing career as a journalist in Connecticut and has freelanced for over 30 years on the side. She holds a BA in writing and psychology from Norwich University, an M.Ed in curriculum and instruction from Union Institute and University, and an M.Ed. in Special Education from Grand Canyon University. Her cumulative GPA is 3.9.  She’s been published in print and online and is working on a book.

Christiane has worked as a classroom teacher in several different capacities:

  1. She worked as a teacher in a one room classroom for high school students in a Christian school. She integrated writing with biology and history, created a project-based curriculum, and had a very active and engaged classroom.
  2. She taught writing workshops for a homeschool group.
  3. Christiane also taught students in China online with VIPKID for 5 plus years. She was in high demand and always fully booked. She completed the VIPKID trainings for levels 1 through 8, several specialty courses, and completed the VIPKID TESL trainings.
  4. She has tutored both gifted and disabled students one on one independently in person.
  5. She did in home tutoring for students who were home bound due to accidents or sickness for a school district.
  6. Christiane also worked as an alternate assessment coordinator for four years in the elementary and middle school of a school district. She created projects for the students with disabilities both on campus and in the general community to demonstrate their academic ability. These students were chosen due to their inability to take the standardized test formats due to their limitations. The projects were designed to teach and assess. They were so interesting that typical students begged to join in. These projects included a trip to a restaurant, a store, a library, creation of a store in the school, a password protected blog for each student, tasks for students in the school community such as watering plants and dusting furniture in the principal’s office following a checklist, helping the maintenance man, and other projects. The students were able to demonstrate understanding and remembering steps, reading checklists and menus, writing, math skills, and more.
  7. She taught 6th, 7th and 8th grade science and social studies.
  8. She taught elementary students with severe disabilities for one year.

Her philosophy of teaching includes finding the student’s level and interests in order to create curriculum that: brings the best out of students, helps them reach their highest potential, and motivates them. She believes that fun is an important catalyst for learning.  


Class Prices:

  • 25 minutes 1-on-1 (single class) English Class–ESOL:  $25
  • 25 minute 1-on-one (20 classes) ESOL: $400
  • 25 minute 1-on-one (40 classes) ESOL: $750 

  • 25 minutes 1-on-1 (single class) Writing Class–ESOL: $25
  • 25 minutes 1-on-1 (20 classes) Writing Class–ESOL – $400
  • 25 minutes 1-on-1 (40 classes) Writing Class–ESOL – $750

  • 25 minutes: 1-on-1 Writing Class–For Native English Speakers $25
  • 25 minute 1-on-one (20 classes) Writing Class/Native Speakers:$400
  • 25 minute 1-on-one (40 classes) Writing Class/Native Speakres $750

  • 50 minute advanced ESL-single class: $45
  • 50 minute advanced ESL: 20 classes $1600
  • 50 minute advanced ESL: 40 classes $2900

  • I may offer classes of four students at a discount. Message me if interested. 
  • Coming soon: Plant based cooking classes for adults
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